A Spotlight On Dassault Falcon 900LX

Credit: Dassault

This is an abbreviated version of 'Dassault Falcon 900LX: Top Prices For Best-In-Class Fuel Efficiency' by Fred George. 

The Falcon 900LX, the fifth iteration of Dassault’s lithe, lean, large-cabin business aircraft, has been in service since late 2010. Its light weight and Aviation Partners Inc.’s winglets provide the best fuel efficiency of any competitive large-cabin aircraft. Lighter weight also means lower landing fees at many European airports and less expensive carbon-emissions taxes.


Slow down to max-range speed it can fly non-stop from London to Seattle, New York to Moscow, Le Bourget to Beijing and Mumbai to London Luton. It’s not the fastest jet that can connect such city pairs, but it is certainly the greenest because of its impressively low fuel consumption. On more typical 1,000-nm missions, Falcon 900LX’s fuel consumption is up to 40% less. Fly 600 hr. per year and that could amount to more than 100,000 gal. of fuel saved. That’s 1,100 tons less carbon dioxide.

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The Falcon 900LX is a delight to fly, having fully powered flight controls and speed proportionate artificial control feel in the pitch and roll axes. As we can attest, the straight strut, short travel, main landing gear require finesse in the flare to avoid embarrassing plop downs.

Take a look at the full article to discover more about legacy systems and runway performance. 

Of the 81 Falcon 900LX aircraft in service, only two are for sale. Prices are trés cher, says Brant Dahlfors, co-founder of Newport Beach, California-based JetTransactions. These aircraft command $16  to $18 million because of their balance of runway performance, cabin comfort, range, speed and fuel efficiency. Dassault Falcon Jet product support now is second to none, another strong point.


Thus, the Falcon 900LX continues to retain a higher percentage of its original price than larger, heavier and considerably more fuel thirsty competitors.

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