Marketplace: Completions Specialists Guide Cabin Interior Projects

Alexander Craker interior design
Credit: Alexander Craker

Business aircraft interior completions are a delicate balance of art and technology, with cabin comfort, control and connectivity uppermost in demand. Aircraft owners embarking on cabin completion projects should be well-represented by project managers. We have profiled five companies that offer interior completion project oversight.

Alexander Craker established his namesake company in Basel, Switzerland, in 2020, leveraging his expertise in Airbus and Boeing interior completions and catering mainly to corporate and government flight departments, including heads of state.  

With experience in the sales, design, manufacturing, and installation processes, including delivery and in-service operations, Alexander Craker provides complete interior and exterior specifications, the design package, and client representation.…

A VVIP Completions Focus

Credit: Camber Aviation Managment
Credit: Camber Aviation Management

Camber Aviation Management, based in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada, specializes in managing the design, outfitting, and acceptance of large VVIP private jets, with a focus on Airbus and Boeing narrow- and wide-body airliners. Its expertise extends to completing large-cabin business jets from Gulfstream, Dassault, and Bombardier. In addition, the company says it has developed the first modular interior concept for the Airbus ACJ 220.

Camber maintains partnerships with internationally renowned design firms, collaborating to bring their visionary concepts to life. For example, the company retained Paris-based Pierrejean Design Studio for the first Boeing 787 configured as a VVIP transport. To date, it has completed 40 projects across the globe.

Other Camber services include cabin refurbishment, advisory services, and aircraft reactivation, as well as preparation for prolonged parking. The company’s comprehensive approach covers all facets of interior and exterior aircraft modifications.

Aviation Advice And Completion Management

Credit: EH Aviation Advisors AG

EH Aviation Advisors AG of Basel, Switzerland, works with any client requiring interior completion or modification consulting as well as management of large transport-category aircraft projects. The company’s clients include individuals, corporations and government agencies in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Asia. 

Offering a modular approach to consulting and support based on customer requirements, EH Aviation Advisors’ menu of services extends across the lifespan of completion projects, including: aircraft selection and acquisition, pre-buy inspection supervision, contractual and legal advice, interior design and design management, configuration, completion center selection, and exterior livery management through aircraft entry into service.

The company recently added MRO support services, offering clients its expertise during system upgrades and heavy maintenance checks.

Project Oversight From Bizjets To Widebodies

Credit: Tronos Aviation Consulting

Tronos Aviation Consulting of Prince Edward Island, Canada, brings three decades of commercial and business aviation experience in technical and strategy consulting, as well as engineering and certification. For nearly a decade the company has managed interior modification projects, ranging from purpose-built business jets to narrow and wide-body head of state aircraft.

In addition to overseeing the day-to-day tasks involved with aircraft interior design and completion, Tronos Aviation Consulting engages in contract negotiations for all products and services related to a project, focusing on development, sourcing of designers, selection of completion centers, and management of the aircraft’s delivery, if new from the manufacturer. As a case in point, the company provided total project oversight, from aircraft sourcing to delivery of the first Airbus Corporate Jet sold in the Asia/Pacific region.

A Worldwide Focus On Airbus And Boeing

Credit: MBG International Design

MBG International Design LLC, based in Spring Branch, Texas, offers project management and design services for individual aircraft owners and their representatives.  Established in 2009, the company has a global clientele, specializing in Airbus and Boeing aircraft interior projects, as well as exterior livery design for some clients.

MBG’s project management services include program coordination, interior components review, and oversight of the design implementation and realization process, problem solving during the engineering phase, and final approval and aircraft re-delivery. The company says it constantly engages with vendors to provide new and updated components, resulting in a state-of- the art product, that unique to the client, with the latest technologies.…