Marketplace: Business Jet Interior Design Providers

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Credit: Unique Aircraft

For those who demand custom completions, we have profiled six business jet interior designers.

Unique Aircraft of Munich focuses on medium-to-large jet interior projects, including Boeing and Airbus airliners configured for head of state and VVIP markets.  Among projects performed by the 13-year-old company are conversion of the Boeing 777-300 for head-of-state transportation, and the refurbishments of a Bombardier Global 5000 and Challenger 605.  

Unique Aircraft’s all-female design team strives to create not simply a design but an onboard atmosphere conducive to wellbeing. Its design philosophy extends to the materials selected, color choices and use of lighting, with the objective of helping the passengers forget the inconvenience of travel.

Interior Design Studio Draws On Other Teams

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Credit: Jet Aviation

Jet Aviation’s Interior Design Studio, based in Basel, Switzerland, enjoys close access to the company’s engineering, production, and installation teams.  

Established in 1995, the studio’s staff has a combined experience of more than 150 years across all aspects of the design process, with blended expertise in aviation engineering and certification, craftsmanship and innovation. Co-located with Jet Aviation’s VVIP completion facility, the studio works directly with clients, but also collaborates with a customer’s own external designer or interior architect.

The Jet Aviation studio provides completions for wide-and narrow-body aircraft for VIP individuals and heads of state, along with design and refurbishment capabilities for most business jet types.

Jet Aviation has been increasing the capabilities of its Interior Design Studio to include a dedicated team for 3D visualization/rendering and animations. This capability offers more flexibility for customers during the design process, offering a wider range of rendered options than previously available.

Three Decades Of Industrial Design

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Credit: PriestmanGoode

With more than three decades of design experience in transportation, London-based, employee-owned PriestmanGoode has worked on commercial as well as business aircraft interior projects. The company employs a team of visualizers and passenger-experience-focused designers, as well as color, material and finish specialists under one roof.

Projects have included most aircraft types for private clients, ranging from the more typical corporate jets to very large aircraft. PriestmanGoode has also designed the interiors of helicopters and eVTOL vehicles.  

PriestmanGoode maintains contacts with aviation manufacturers and artisans to source unique as well as sustainable materials, providing a natural option for interior surfaces and finishes. The other design focus is achieving seamless integration of technologies into the interior, such as seat heating and cooling, inflight entertainment and lighting.

From Yachts To Wide-Bodied Jets

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Credit: Winch Design

Founded in 1986 by Andrew Winch as a yacht design studio, London-based Winch Design has completed 25 aviation projects since entering the aircraft interior design market in 2002.  

Winch Design’s primary focus is widebody aircraft, however, it has completed several traditional business jet projects, including a recently delivered refresh of a 10-year-old Bombardier Global 5000 cabin. The company’s design philosophy is to bring the client’s lifestyle into the flying experience as a starting point. Knowledge gained from work on yachts and with architects has enabled the firm to create unique designs for each client.

Always looking for innovative, reasonably sourced and sustainable weight-saving materials, Winch Design maintains a dedicated, in-house, sustainability specialist, who has assembled extensive resources detailing information as to how each material considered is obtained, manufactured and composted.

Designer’s Focus Is Medium-To-Large Jets

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Credit: Luc Boegly

Based in Paris and designing aircraft interiors for the past 24 years, Yves Pickardt operates under his own name, specializing in medium-to-large business jets, as well airliners for head of state/VVIP transportation. Drawing on his long experience in residential and corporate buildings, hotels, yachts and cruise ships, most of Pickardt’s aircraft interior design projects have centered on the Boeing 737 BBJ, as well as the Airbus A319 and A320 platforms, including the Neo versions. 

Other projects have included a Boeing 747-8, and more than 10 Bombardier Global models. Designs have included interiors for an A319 operated by a Chinese customer, the first privately operated A320neo, and a Global 7500.

Multi-Location Interior Design Staff

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Credit: West Star Aviation

Offering interior design service since 2002, West Star Aviation has fully-staffed interior departments at its major locations—Perryville, Missouri; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Grand Junction, Colorado; and at its East Alton, Illinois, headquarters. Each facility includes wood and refinishing shops.  

The company’s design specialties are focused on a full range of aircraft, from small-to-large corporate jets to airliners configured for the head of state/VVIP market.

West Star Aviation has recently updated its designers' facilities at both Chattanooga and Grand Junction to provide more capacity for the most up-to-date materials, finishes, and hardware in the company showrooms. A similar project is currently in progress at its East Alton location.