Cool, Colorful Lighting

Credit: Elliott Aviation

Whether in a corporate jet or a wide-bodied airliner, cabin lighting is now as much about mood as illumination. At the touch of a switch, a passenger can select a color of choice, an indirect or direct lighting beam, thanks to recent strides in maintenance free, reduced-weight LED technology. Here are some recent lighting product announcements.

PRIZM Color LED Cabin Lighting
Elliott Technologies is introducing a key enhancement to its PRIZM proprietary cabin mood lighting system, providing passengers with the capability to adjust the white light shading (temperature) to achieve a warmer or cooler feel for the cabin, easily from the configuration within a few seconds.  

PRIZM, introduced in 2018, is a multi-color configuration, cabin mood lighting system, giving the passenger total control of the desired colors and moods via existing cabin switches or the Prizm web based app.  Fully customizable, PRIZM offers unlimited customer created and selected moods and colors, as well as animated moods in which the lights slowly transition to different colors throughout the flight. PRIZM is scalable to any size aircraft and cabin management system.…

Credit: PWI
Credit: PWI

Right Angle LED Lighting
Lighting specialist PWI is introducing a new right angle LED light for business and general aviation applications. Now awaiting FAA approval for initial application to the Beech King Air 200 and Beech 1900, the socket has been designed to push the light beam directly down at 90 degrees to the surface being illuminated for better visibility in areas such as the galley, entrance or cargo/luggage compartment.

The base of the light is identical to a standard light bulb and is easily installed, with no modifications to the aircraft required. LED lights have a service life in excess of 100,000 hours, low heat and power draw and whiter light output.


Collins lighting
Credit: Collins Aerospace

MicroLED Reading Lights 
Collins Aerospace is marketing the world’s first microLED (uLED) passenger reading lights. Line or retrofitable to any aircraft type, the technology provides a 66% weight reduction and a 75,000-hour lifespan—double the 35,000-hour average compared to conventional lighting systems.  

One uLED reading light is the equivalent of three or more standard reading lights, with the potential to double as a dome light, with full-color options, eliminating the need for sidewall lighting. The uLED reading lights also provide passengers a more individualized lighting experience throughout each portion of their flight. The system provides significant cost savings, due to reduced need for multiple lighting elements, says Collins.


Bigorre Aerospace
Credit: Bigorre Aerospace Corporation

Mood Lighting System
Bigorre Aerospace’s Clematis Mood Lighting System is being marketed as a complete LED cabin lighting and controller package, now adaptable to any existing cabin management system. 

Easily installed as an LED replacement for fluorescent lighting on any business aircraft, Clematis is designed as a low weight/low power consumption system, directly connected to the aircraft’s voltage source, for both direct and indirect lighting. The system includes RGBW light sources (LED tubes, flex, reading and dome lights) with a light management control unit, capable of 6.8 billion color definitions, enabling the passenger to create his or her own light shades and scenarios.