Bell is equipping its Model 407GXi single-engine light helicopter with Garmin’s G1000H NXi integrated avionics suite and powering it with an up-rated version of the Rolls-Royce M250 turbine engine.

Company CEO Mitch Snyder says the new Garmin avionics will provide new connectivity into the aircraft including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, allowing pilots to upload flight plans using their personal electronic devices.

Meanwhile, the new engine, the M250-C47E/4, introduces a dual-channel full authority digital engine control system and, according to Rolls-Royce, delivers an 8% improvement in hot-and-high power, as well as a 2% reduction in specific fuel consumption compared to the M250-C47B/8 that powered the earlier 407GXP.

The GXi has been certified by Transport Canada, and FAA certification is expected shortly. Air Methods will be the U.S. launch customer for the new model.