From The Archives: Premier I Aims For Top Spot In Small-Bizjet Arena

Premier I, an aircraft built by Raytheon Aircraft Co., was flown by Edward H. Phillips and in his pilot report we learn that the twin-engine jet's "three-piece fuselage is fabricated using computer-controlled, fiber placement technology that significantly reduces manufacturing time, parts count and weight", and the wing is of a conventional aluminium construction.

Phillips flew the second production aircraft. He had a pre flight briefing with Trevor Blackmer, a demonstration pilot, who showed him around the aircraft. The flight deck installed is the Collins Pro Line 21 suite, which includes two liquid crystal displays with switches and controls that are easy to locate and operate. He wrote: "My first impression was that the airplane is larger than it appears in photographs and presents itself well for an entry-level jet."

Visibility was good throughout the flight, though there was light turbulence in the area. Phillips was impressed how the aircraft "took it in its stride". He continued to climb to 23,000 ft. 

He aid that the aircraft "felt like a large business jet but makes no special demands of the pilot". 

Read on to find out what he thought about the flight experience. If you're a subscriber you can read the full article and see the images of the interior and take a look at the aircraft specifications on page 60 of the Sep. 17, 2001 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology.


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