From The Archives: Pilot Report - Mooney TLS

Mooney Aircraft Corp's M20M TLS, a piston engine aircraft, can cruise at 223 kt. true airspeed at 25,000 ft.

The aircraft's 270-hp. Textron Lycoming engine features a single turbocharger and intercooler arrangement. Mooney expects to produce 90 of these aircraft this year, and has delivered 60. 

The company is owned by two French entrepreneurs, Alec Couvelaire and Michel Seydoux.

Author and pilot Edward H. Phillips found that the TLS offered near-turboprop speeds at high altitude and he described the aircraft as having "benign handling characteristics" and noted its comfortable cabin. 

Read more to see  a photo of the flightdeck and to read the aircraft specifications including cost, weight, dimensions, powerplant, capabilities and performance.

If you're a subscriber you can read Edward H. Phillips' full pilot report on page 36 of the Aug. 6, 1990 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology.

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