From The Archives: Inside Business Aviation - Be A Pilot Program

In 2001, there was a big drive to entice more pilots into the industry. In the Inside Business Aviation column, we reported that the Be A Pilot (BAP) program, a national public education initiative, had attracted 32,368 applicants of which 6,000 became student pilots. 

We learn that 398 flight schools joined BAP bringing the total to 1,710. Drew Steketee, BAP's CEO and founder said 50% of prospects "had never been in a single-engine airplane before - testament to the program's outreach for new converts to flying."

Read the column for more stories including the dangers of striking electrical cables or wires, hushkits, to reduce noise, and a growing demand for Eurocopters.

If you're a subscriber, you can read the column in the issue dated Feb. 11, 2002 of Aviation Week & Space Technology.

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