From The Archives: Gulfstream, Dassault Launch United Bizjet

Aviation Week & Space Technology reported that Gulfstream and Dassault had joined forces to launch a new business jet under a fractional ownership program which had ambitions to unveil "a new top-of the-line-bizjet model".

The model, code-named FNX would feature 26% more range, shorter field length and a lower Vref speed than the 900EX. Its new wing would yield a double-digit improvement in lift-to-drag ratio compared to existing Falcons. The FNX would combine the three-engine design and cabin of the Falcon 900, lengthened by 8 ft. for added capacity.

If you're a subscriber you can read more about the terms of the fractional ownership program which you'll find on pages 28 and 30 of the Jun. 25, 2001 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology.  


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