From The Archives: Global Express Poised To Begin Operations

Our pilot and author David M. North took the long-range Global Express for a test flight and produced a pilot report as manufacturer Bombardier was to start delivering to corporate operators. He suggested that customers "should be pleased at the demonstrated performance they signed up for when the program was launched in December 1993". 

North writes about the "hard fought" marketing contests between Bombardier and competitor Gulfstream and the corporate aircraft produced by the two firms. "They're very good at what they do and are very similar in range and payload performance," he said. 

Bombardier used a "clean sheet approach" in the design of the long range Global Express which had resulted in a very attractive aircraft with new system technology, a new wing "especially the use of almost-full-span leading-edge slats". It has Honeywell avionics and BMW Rolls-Royce engines, large diameter fuselage and overall cabin volume. The cabin's height is 6 ft. 3 in.

In the feature North compares this aircraft with the Gulfstream 5, another aircraft that he has flown, allowing him to share his knowledge of both corporate jets. His overall impression was that the Global Express "is an extremely enjoyable aircraft to fly". To find out how he came to this conclusion, how it compares with its competitor and the Global Express' specifications, plus images of the flightdeck, read the full article.  

If you're a subscriber, you can read the full pilot report on page 54 of the Aug. 17, 1998 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology. 

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