From The Archives: Citation Excel Strives To Be Two Jets In One

Edward H. Phillips, pilot and author of this report tells readers how Cessna's new Citation Model 560XL balances performances against cost, without sacrificing cabin comfort, as he test flew the manufacturer's latest model, in an article published in February 1999. 

He says that the aircraft has been a success due to its "uncomplicated straight wing". The jet is a small, light-weight entry-level business jet, with the stand-up cabin and performance of a larger and heavier midsize aircraft.

The 560XL is equipped with the Honeywell Primus 1000 integrated avionics suite which features dual computers that combine the EFIS functions with the flight director and the autopilot. He found the cockpit comfortable and well organized. 

He said: "Key subsystem switches have been relocates to a panel forward of the power quadrant and are easier to reach than on the Citation Ultra."

If you're a subscriber you can read the full article on page 80 of the Feb. 8, 1999 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology and you'll see images of the interior, flight deck and the aircraft in flight, plus the 560XL's specifications. 

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