From The Archives: Bridging The Gap

In this pilot report, the CJ3 was described as the logical next step in Cessna's small and mid-size cabin line and completes the CJ trilogy.

Our pilot and author Edward H. Phillips wrote a pilot report and noted that the CJ3 is bigger and better than the CJ1 and CJ2. He said it has more powerful engines, a fully integrated avionics package, a more spacious cabin and it can climb to 45,000ft. in 35 min.

Phillips flew the fourth preproduction CJ3 with Cessna's Kevin D. Harman senior pilot for flight test, who pointed out that the CJ3 uses a "super critical wing" which features conventional flaps, mechanically actuated ailerons and speed brake panels. 

Read on to find out more about what Phillips thought about his flying experience. You can also see more images of the cockpit, the interior and the aircraft specifications. 

If you're a subscriber you can see the image from the cover of from the issue published on Nov, 8 2004. And read the article on page 48. 

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