Amid Pandemic, Croatian Operator Refurbishes Jet

Jung Sky Citation CJ2 Model 525A
Credit: Jung Sky

Business aviation operator Jung Sky, of Zagreb, Croatia, has unveiled a new interior and livery for its Cessna Citation CJ2 Model 525A jet.

Jung Sky operates two six-passenger Citation CJ2 525As to destinations throughout Europe and along the Mediterranean Sea. Powered by two Williams FJ44-2C turbofan engines, the jet has a range of 1,400 nm, enabling non-stop flights to most destinations in Europe and North Africa.

In early April, the company rolled out one of the two jets with a refreshed interior and new livery.

“Our 9A-JSD [aircraft] underwent an extensive maintenance check as well as a repainting job and we’re very excited to see it back in our daily flight operations,” said Dalibor Skunca, Jung Sky sales manager. “So far, it has received rave reviews from everyone, including clients who were involved in the first couple of flights after its return.”

Jung Sky Citation CJ2 525A interior
Credit: Jung Sky

The COVID-19 pandemic has trained a spotlight on the benefits of business aviation, said Skunca, who predicts the segment will continue to grow.

“It’s safe to say business aviation operators compete for clients’ attention in every way possible because first-time bookers are on a continuous rise, ad-hoc flights are dominating and we’ve also noticed a rise in two-way, return flights,” he said. “New clients are coming in every day and passengers are spending more time inside a private jet than they did before the pandemic”