Marketplace: Fuel Cards Ease Bizav Transactions

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Credit: Avfuel

Leading fuel cards include non-fuel purchases, detailed records and global acceptance. Some popular fuel card products are described below.

Avfuel, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, introduced the Avfuel Pro Card in 2012 as a time- and cost-saving payment solution for Avfuel Contract Fuel and other aviation-related transactions. Avfuel Contract Fuel, established in 1992, was the first program of its kind to offer fuel savings to flight departments throughout business aviation, rather than just airlines. It is also the main transaction system for Avfuel Pro Card users

Currently, more than 5,500 flight department customers—operating over 20,000 turbine aircraft—use the Avfuel Pro Card, which provides access to competitive rates at 3,000 global fueling locations within the Avfuel network. The Avfuel Pro Card offers credit terms, and detailed invoices to provide maximum fuel and non-fuel cost transparency, making purchase reconciliation a simple and efficient process.

Corporate Aviation Wings Card

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Credit: Phillips66

Accepted at 8,200 FBOs worldwide, the Phillips 66 Corporate Aviation Wings Card, introduced over a decade ago, offers convenient fuel purchasing with no annual fees or administrative charges. Primarily catering to flight departments, the card provides 24/7 online account access and management, account alerts and reminders and detailed account activity data, including overviews of transactions including time, date, location and amount of gallons purchased. Customers may also enroll in recurring autopay.

For confidential online account management, Phillips 66 Aviation offers airPortfolio, letting cardholders track fuel costs while itemizing merchant discounts separately. Features include monthly reports with purchases broken down by aircraft, fleet, purchase item and location, as well as viewing and retrieval of invoices electronically.

Multiple Cards For Business Aviation

Credit: World Fuel Services

World Fuel Services’ AVCARD is one of the most widely accepted aviation charge cards, the company says. Available at no annual fee, AVCARD is accepted at 8,200 locations and is supported by streamlined online management tools, Level 3-line-item detail transaction data, consolidated invoices and 24/7 reporting, with guaranteed access to all account activity detail. Combined with the World Fuel Contract card and Trip Support, cardholders can see 100% of their aviation spend.

World Fuel Contract Card

WFS Contract Fuel Card
Credit: World Fuel Services

Including the UVair Contract Card, the World Fuel Contact card provides exclusive access to preferential fuel prices at more than 3,000 FBOs and other major suppliers. Among the benefits is a tax recovery program that assists with tax exemptions, refunds and reductions. Cardholders can also access customized reports and credit solutions and earn rewards on purchases made through the World Fuel Rewards Program. The program allows bundling of carbon offsets with each fuel transaction.

World Fuel Rewards

WFS Rewards Card
Credit: World Fuel Services

A free, points-based rewards card, World Fuel Rewards enables customers to earn points on products purchased within the World Fuel Network. Rewards include invoice credits, gift cards, travel, carbon offsets, and more.  Purchases made with World Fuel Contract, Trip Support and AVCARD earn greater rewards at participating locations.