Big things are happening at the Penton Business Aviation Network. As the clouds of the recession are finally lifting (no kidding this time), and once again business aviation is on the upturn, I must invoke the name of one of my favorite 1980s classics, “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades!”

B&CA is doing what?!”

If you haven’t heard this yet, I’m sure you will in the coming months as we continue to take full advantage of B&CA/Aviation Week Group’s acquisition by Penton. Let me say, as a 19-year veteran at Penton, the last 12 months have been the most exciting time in my career and I’ve been honored to lead this highly talented team of journalists and aviation data specialists. It’s been extremely rewarding to watch all of the staff members from both companies quickly fuse into one highly effective information source for all of business aviation.

In the year since these two aviation media entities were brought together under one roof, I have seen daily progress in maximizing the reach and integrity of these strong brands. It is our goal not only to continue the rich tradition of these publications, but also to make sure that B&CA, AC-U-KWIK, The Air Charter Guide and The Aircraft Bluebook have the ability to easily share their expertise and rich data among all of our publications, both print and digital.

Let me talk about B&CA and some new initiatives that have been a direct result of joining Penton. This month, as the magazine begins its 55th year of industry leading excellence, our strategy remains very clear: to provide you with the best content and delivery when it comes to business aviation information. While there are multiple sources for news-based content in our industry, our main focus has always been, and always will be, to provide “how-to” operational insight for our readers. That is what B&CA does best. We are not just reporting news (although we do that very well too, I might add).

Check out B&CA on social media (Twitter and Facebook) and subscribe to our new B&CA Digest e-newsletter. Watch for announcements on other new product introductions in 2015; we are focusing the next few months on developing a new tool that you will be able to use in your daily work routine.

At B&CA, the editors, researchers, production staff, IT department, advertising staff and fulfillment department strive each day to make the next issue of B&CA better than the last. It shows. We have the largest unduplicated business aviation circulation of owners and operators in the world. We are on the counters, tables and pilot lounges of 100% of the top FBOs. We reach the decision-makers in our industry: Our circulation list is a veritable who’s who of corporate CEOs, chief pilots, flight department managers, directors of flight operations
. . . I could name names, but you know who you are and we appreciate your loyalty to us!

I’ve been a fan of B&CA going back 25 years when I was an instructor pilot and I’d read every issue cover to cover between students. The columns written by Torch Lewis on the back page gave me insight into flying corporate aircraft in the very first days of the industry, often with a hilarious bent. Sadly, Torch has been gone for some time, but my favorite feature now appears on that very same last page: “B&CA 50 Years Ago.” Like Torch’s yarns, this also gives us an idea of what our business looked like at its genesis, shows us how far we’ve come, and assures us that a strong future awaits us as well.

Get out your shades! B&CA

Frank Craven

Managing Director

Penton Business Aviation Network