Editor’s Note: While our regular readers might think they’re seeing double, that’s not the case. These business jet specification and performance tables may at first appear to be a repeat of those published last month in our May Purchase Planning Handbook, but they are not. We received quite a few changes, additions, revisions and corrections within the category after the publication deadline. Naturally, we determined to update the digital tables immediately. But then on further consideration, we concluded it unfair to readers and manufacturers who refer to the printed tables throughout the year to be relying on outdated material. Thus, we decided publish the current tables in the June issue as well.

Please know that the most complete and current specification and performance tables for all business aircraft — from high performance piston singles through long-range transport-category aircraft — as well as regional aircraft are always available for download, free of charge, at bca.aviationweek.com/BCAPPH2014. Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN) subscribers can access the data by logging in and going to Business & Commercial
, May issue.

This information serves as a key element, along with cost data from the Aviation Research Group/U.S., in compiling our Operations Planning Guide. That will appear in the August 2015 issue, and will be available online as well on the right sidebar of aviationweek.com/business-aviation.

In addition, our digital information includes complete data on avionics, navigation, control and cabin electronics. These also can be accessed at bca.aviationweek.com/BCAPPH2014.

Thank you for your continuing interest in B&CA.