Nextant Aerospace has received the final piece of FAA certification on its remanufactured G90XT twin-engine turboprop, which paves the way for deliveries to begin.

It expects European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) validation in 90 to 120 days.

Nextant received certification that integrates new, single-level power control technology with a previously certified engine and avionics combination. The G90XT is the first turboprop to feature single-power control technology with a complete electronic control system, the company said.

With FAA certification complete, Cleveland-based Nextant will begin a national demonstration tour featuring the aircraft.

The G90XT is a remanufactured King Air C90A, and features the General Electric H75 engine and the Garmin G1000 flight deck, new digital pressurization system, new environmental cooling system that triples the cooling capacity of the aircraft, and an all-new interior, Nextant said.

The cockpit integrates engine and fuel monitoring on a digital basis into the multifunction display. The remanufactured aircraft flies 20 kt. faster at altitude compared to current production competitive aircraft, it said.

“All along, our goal was to introduce technology that would significantly reduce pilot workload in the cockpit and improve the ability for pilots to safely operate the aircraft,” said Nathan Marker, Nextant vice president for flight operations.

“From the launch of this program, our goal was to bring a level of technology to the King Air platform that has been missing for decades,” Nextant executive Jay Heublein said. “While the King Air is recognized as the most successful platform in the history of business aviation, the fleet has not benefited from the significant advances in technology that its counterpart in the jet market has. This has been primarily driven by a lack of competition in the space, but fortunately for King Air operators, they now have a new choice.”