For someone who began flying when a single Narco Mark 12d navcom with a glideslope was still considered state-of-the-art cockpit technology, this recently seen Facebook Piper Cherokee group post made us more than a bit envious:

“Finally picked up my Arrow this weekend after a panel and avionics upgrade along with ADS-B In/Out install. Dual G5’s, Avidyne IFD550, Avidyne remote transponder, Garmin GNC255A #2 Nav/Com, Avidyne Skytrax ADS-B, leather-wrapped yokes, Mid-Continent clock with USB ports, Stratus power charging port, 406 ELT, panel-mounted my 696, JPI EDM830, PS Engineering PMA450 and I’m sure something I forgot as well. Very happy with the finished product.”

So, if a light single can be tricked out like Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon in “Star Wars,” the outlook for avionics has never been brighter.