In October 1967, BCA published pieces about the Beagle B206-S, Fairchild-Hiller FH-1100 helicopter with Garrett floats and Douglas DC-9.

The Air Transport Association proposed a 5-year program for improving the ATC system before Congress. The ATA plan calls for $101 million in additional appropriations to FAA for fiscal 1968. – BCA

Pan American World Airways announced that it had concluded a 30-yr. agreement whereby it would operate both Teterboro (N.J.) and Republic (N.Y.) airports in metropolitan New York area. Agreements subject to CAB approval.

The Beagle B206-S has  “dead-beat stability; bi-airplane feel, no effective Vmo and a 15,000-hr. structure guarantee. Equipped price is US$154,000. Based on 600 hr. of flying per year, total annual operating cost would be about US$75,502.70.

Helicoptus Amphibious: With new FAA approbation, Fairchild-Hiller’s turbine powered FH-1100 adds some credentials. Garrett floats, with total weight of 62 lb., are inflatable with five separate compartments and can be installed in less than half an hour.

The Turbo II Commander comes to market with a highly competitive price tag — $335,000 basic, which includes a 6-passenger interior, lav, bar, reversing props and Foxboro fuel gages with digital counters. Add avionics and the price moves to $412,000.

The Douglas DC-9 is the smallest civilian from Douglas since Gooney Birds and DC-4s. It enters the business jet market with 550 mph and enough cabin room for a stockholders’ meeting at only $4.5 million, too.

The front office of the corporate DH 125 belonging to Bendix Nav and Control Division is a statement that the company is jumping into general aviation with both feet with its 60 Series flight director, compass and autopilot.