In June 1967, BCA covered the “fastest production model single-engine aircraft around,” modifications for DH-104s and the Beech Model 99.

Frankly, the proposed fee schedule [user charges] does not bother us as much as the fear that once the principle is set it then becomes a mater of how much more. – BCA Staff

Rockwell-Standard declined to act on its option to pick up line of new aircraft models being produced by Ted Smith and his company. The option was for $6.5 million to be exercised by R-S upon certification of Aerostar model. 

New Westwind I distributor  for East Coast is Northern Airways, which has a mod for demonstration at its Vermont facility. The Beech 18 conversion by American Turbine Aircraft, $135,000 Westwind uses P&W PT6-20 turboprops.

Stretched Turboprop Dove: New life can be injected into de Havilland DH-104 airframes by Cair The modification consists of TPE-331 turboprops and stretching of the original fuselage. Cost is about $250,000.

Victor Comptometer’s new  acquisition dwarfs most corporate transports, yet earns its keep as a 15-20-passenger business jet supreme. Chief pilot “Spense” Spenser gets at home in the left seat for initial flight of the new aircraft.

Aero Commander is a distinctively slick aerodynamic creation; the fastest production model single- engine aircraft around; and it has more to offer than just a roomful of trophies.

Beech Model 99 airliner to enter service in spring of 1968. Gross weight is 10,200 lb. and useful load is 4,380 lb. A wide cargo door is optional.