As part of our year in review festivities, we invited several of our business aviation colleagues from the Aviation Week Network to pick their favorite stories from BCA's last 12 months as well as those that deserve another read. Here, then, we share 17 stories worth a second look hand-picked by our staff:

Paul Wyatt
Data Analysis Manager, AC-U-KWIK
Consulting Editor, Aircraft Bluebook

Quest Kodiak 100 Pilot Report/Operators Survey by Fred George, October 2015

Great article about the Kodiak with excellent photography and graphics. The action shots on pages 42 and 43 emphasized that this wasn’t your typical BCA bizjet review. It was fun to read about the grass strip landings Fred made with the Quest demonstration pilot; again, quite a departure from the standard fare. There are also four supplemental sidebars on the PT6A-34, G1000, floats and cabin amenities to round out the article.

Chris Reynolds, ASA
Analyst and Editor, Aircraft Bluebook

Getting with the Program by Carl Janssens, June 2015

This article addresses the wide and varying ranges of maintenance programs for jet engines. The article provides a thorough analysis of each of the major providers’ plans and an excellent explanation of exactly why they are such an important component of value to the business aircraft asset.

Cross with Care by James Albright, June 2015

"Cross with Care" describes the sideslip and crabbing techniques used in crosswind landing situations. The article simplifies an often misunderstood topic and highlights important limitations and consequences of both procedures. It is a great read for anyone who has ever had to land a plane with wind not down the centerline of the runway!

William Garvey
Editor-in-Chief, BCA

There are many good ones to choose from (but then again, I’m biased). A few that come to mind:

Jessica Salerno
Executive Editor, BCA

Molly McMillin
Managing Editor, The Weekly of Business Aviation

Update: Bombardier Learjet 85: Window of Opportunity Slams Shut by Fred George,
February 2015

Justin Marciniak
Product Manager, BCA

Update: Bombardier Learjet 85: Window of Opportunity Slams Shut by Fred George,
February 2015

The magazine's cover story about the Bombardier Learjet 85 turned out to be both timely and prescient. Fred George's reporting allowed him to develop a comprehensive profile that foreshadowed the fate of the program. At the time of publication in February, the story looked at the Learjet 85's past (insolvency of Grob Aerospace and difficulties achieving consistent bonding among the many layers of the composite construction), present (the "pause" of the program announced in mid-January) and future (analysts' uncertainty and skepticism). What ultimately went to press was a hybrid between an old-fashioned journalistic tick-tock and a news analysis. It was one of the big stories of the year, and BCA was all over it. Several of my colleagues recommend it, and Fred was honored with an award at the 2015 Aerospace Media Awards in Paris. No wonder.

What Is ‘Careless or Reckless?’ by Kent S. Jackson, February 2015

Pilots gone wild! The behavior Kent Jackson cites while writing about FAR Part 91.13 violations for "careless or reckless" operation of aircraft is frightening and appalling. Jackson was able to have some fun writing about some of the cases, though, because no one was physically injured. This piece left me shaking my head with my jaw on the floor.

Wind Shear: Has It Been Tamed? by James Albright, August 2015

James Albright concludes his story about wind shear with an anecdote about a successful landing after diverting to a nearby airport to avoid some weather. That might not sound exciting, and that is the point. His writing places the climax at the moment when he and his copilot decide to be safe by avoiding trouble. Having what it takes as a pilot has more to do with making the right judgments that escape notice every day yet contribute to a long record of safety over a career.

Frank Craven
Managing Director, Business Aviation, Aviation Week Network