The 2016 edition of Business & Commercial Aviation’s Purchase Planning Handbook will be the most complete, relevant and accurate edition of the popular annual business aircraft guide, thanks to hard work in elegant surroundings.

In October, BCA’s editors hosted a two-day gathering of sales engineers representing nearly a dozen makes of business aircraft at the storied Jonathan Club in downtown Los Angeles. The purpose of the meeting was to review procedures, definitions, and applicability when producing the specifications and performance figures for the listed, in-production aircraft.

By way of background, the current Handbook, published in the May 2015 edition of BCA, divided 79 aircraft among eleven categories, ranging from high-performance single-engine piston models to ultra long-range jets. Scores of data points give good comparative measure for each aircraft and include the price as equipped to the BCA standard, as many as twelve weight measures, four range categories, high speed and long range fuel flows, and typical mission outlines. In all, the Handbook comprises more than 6,000 data fields … and with more new models coming on line, next year's Handbook is likely to grow.

Which is why the editors felt the time had come to again convene BCA’s Performance Advisory Board, an informal but decades-old institution of manufacturers’ engineers who team with the editors get all that data right.

While the engineers are collegial professionals, they are also competitors and make their points directly, helping expose data flaws or ambiguities in the doing. It’s those open exchanges that serve to fortify the final product.

“These folks did solid work with very little break time,” said William Garvey, BCA’s editor-in-chief. “They were absolutely committed to the process and purpose. We editors thank and salute them, and the entire aviation community will benefit from their efforts.”

This year’s Performance Advisory Board members included: Dan Alfus, Boeing; Mike Bole, Bombardier; Bill Miller and Don Pointer, Dassault; Mariana Sa Barreto and Edgar Mendes Rodriguez, Embraer; Ben Coleman, Mahindra Aerospace; Ben Debry, Gulfstream; Aleksey Matyushev, Mooney; Jim Miller, Nextant; Brian Janzig, ONE Aviation; Aaron DeBuhr, Pilatus; and Jens Torell, Textron Aviation.