Compact avionics manufacturer uAvionix announced Oct. 8 that it has acquired startup display company AeroVonics, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, a move that diversifies its product line.

The acquisition’s cost was not disclosed.

AeroVonics manufactures the AV-30 primary flight display and AV-20S multifunction display for general aviation (GA) and experimental aircraft.

The AV-30, which fits into a standard 3-in. round instrument hole, is available for experimental aircraft and “on track” to receive supplemental type certification (STC) on certified aircraft, uAvionix said. Autopilot integration will begin next year after initial STC approval.

The AV-20S is approved under FAA’s Non-Required Safety Enhancing Equipment process and fits into a 2-in. standard round instrument hole.

uAvionix produces a line of small form factor transceivers and receivers for automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast position reporting, as well as GPS receiver/antenna systems for GA aircraft, drones and planned urban air mobility vehicles.

“So far, every product we produce for GA is a remote mount unit or installs on the outside of the aircraft. We’ve wanted to be front and center in your cockpit for awhile, but we wanted to do it right,” uAvionix says in a blog post.

“We all fly aircraft that can benefit from safety and reliability updates, but these updates need to be performed affordably and with minimal disruption,” the company adds.

uAvionix CEO Paul Beard founded the company in 2015. It has facilities in Bigfork and Columbia Falls, Montana, and Leesburg, Virginia. Jeff Bethel, co-founder of integrated display system manufacturer Aspen Avionics, formed AeroVonics in 2018.