City at a Glance: Johannesburg

City: Johannesburg

Country: Republic of South Africa (RSA)

Status: Largest city

Country visa requirement: Not required for U.S., Canadian, Mexican, or most European countries for up to 90 days.

Landing permit requirement: Yes; RSA civil aviation authority issues clearance number. Short notice weekend flights accepted with filed flight plan.

Sponsor letter required: No

Aircraft documents required: Airworthiness certificate, aircraft registration, insurance certificate with country coverage.

Any other requirements for visiting aircraft: Yellow fever vaccination required at least ten days before entrance for aircraft arriving from yellow fever-infected countries, including technical stops. Also, prior to landing, aircraft arriving from infected areas must be disinfected and empty spray cans presented to health authorities.

Carbon trading requirement: No

ATC procedures: ICAO Pans Ops

Any unique procedures: No

Altimetry: QNH

Metric or feet: Feet


WGS 84-compliant: Yes

Local navigator required: No