PC-12 aircraft are holding their value well in the resale market with prices ranging from about $1.5 million for early 1995 PC-12/41 models up to $2.5 million for 2007 PC-12/47 airplanes. New PC-12NG aircraft run upwards of $4.6 million.

The numbers bode well for Finnoff's upgrade programs. The -67P upgrade kit is priced at $858,000 less $95 per hour for time remaining to overhaul on the original -67B engine. Installation runs $20,000 to $25,000, Finnoff says.

Upgrading legacy PC-12 aircraft with the Finnoff -67P kit should endow these aircraft with performance equal to or better than that of the latest PC-12NG at a savings of $1 million or more. For that reason, Finnoff is hopeful of converting at least 150 aircraft.

However, legacy PC-12s still will lack the NG's Honeywell Apex fully integrated avionics system with EICAS, its solid-state standby instrument system and its updated dual-channel electrical power generation and distribution system, along with its digital cabin pressure and environmental control systems.

But speed is a key selling point and even MSN 273 with its rigging woes virtually tied the performance of a factory new PC-12NG. It just didn't beat it. We are looking forward to flying another PC-12 with the Finnoff -67P and MT prop upgrades to determine if it actually can edge out the NG. Until then, the Finnoff PC-12 and the NG are locked in a dead heat.