For more than a century, the Aviation Week Network has evolved to meet the changing needs of our audience. It’s a commitment that began with this magazine in 1916 and has morphed into a powerful portfolio of products for the industry and its niche communities: magazines and websites, robust online databases, events, newsletters, executive market briefings, directories and more. Providing aerospace industry professionals with the news, analysis and technological insights you need to stay informed and understand market trends is our core mission.

The Flagship Evolves 

How we deliver that content is high on our agenda. For our newer subscribers, waiting several days for a print magazine to arrive in a mailbox is a nonstarter. We get that. But many of our longtime readers still prefer the “deep read” that a print magazine offers. We get that, too. In the last few months, our team has been working behind the scenes to improve your multimedia experience. On Jan. 15, 2018, we will debut a refreshed version of our print magazine. It still will have the in-depth articles you have come to expect—but it will be packaged in an easier-to-read format with enhanced graphics.

Why Wait?

Even earlier, on Jan. 2, 2018, we will launch a new responsive-design daily enewsletter companion to Aviation Week & Space Technology featuring a selection of top content from our editors around the world. The newsletter will include articles and photos in their entirety, eliminating the need to click on individual links and wait for a web page to spool up. You will be able to read the day’s fresh content on your desktop or mobile device, even if you go offline. This replaces our app, which will no longer be updated.

It Has Always Been About the Future

Since our birth in 1916, reporting on technology has been our lifeblood. We’re reinforcing that emphasis with a new online “Future of Aerospace” channel. Led by Managing Editor Graham Warwick, the channel will focus on cutting-edge technologies that will reshape the aerospace industry in the coming years, including automation, advanced manufacturing, machine learning and hypersonics.

Bringing It All Together

Since it went live in 2016, the Aviation Week & Space Technology digital archive—now with 102 years of searchable articles, images, advertisements and covers—has become a crucial resource for the industry. The archive will continue to remain available to all subscribers at 

What’s Next? 

The Aviation Week Network will continue to expand and connect our data and custom services, providing opportunities to drill into programs, aircraft, companies and contracts, while offering analysis and predictions on technologies, trends, fleets and aftermarket changes. Additionally, work is underway to better integrate and simplify our knowledge portal, the Aviation Week Intelligence Network, to more fully harness the breadth of our offerings.

Editorial Excellence

Earlier this year, Aviation Week won the Jesse H. Neal Award for Best Business-to-Business Media Brand. The award reinforced that the quality of our content is the key differentiator. Throughout 2018, look for us to package and deliver that content in a clearer and more convenient way.