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Kim Minseok

South Korea Correspondent

Kim Minseok covers South Korean defense. He has worked as a journalist for South Korean military magazines Military Review and Defense Times. Mr Kim is also a research fellow at the Korea Defense and Security Forum, a think tank.

New South Korean, North Korean Ballistic Missiles Emerge  1
The two Koreas are both making strides in ballistic missile technology. The latest North Korean weapon looks similar to, but larger than, South Korea’s KTSSM.
North Korea Tests Another New Type Of SRBM 
North Korea has flown a new type of short-range ballistic missile (SRBM), just days after tests of the KN-23 weapon, first revealed in February 2018.
Hanwha Offers Mobile Export Version Of KTSSM 
Hanwha is offering a road-mobile variant of the KTSSM for export, even before the South Korean army deploys the short-range ballistic missile next year.
South Korea Moving Toward F-35B Acquisition  2
Still wanting 20 more fighters, the air force’s interest has drifted away from a repeat order for F-35As.
KAI Selling 10 FA-50s To Argentina, Reports Say 
KAI would deliver two FA-50s in 2020 and eight in 2021 under the proposed deal, South Korean news service Maeil reported.
Seoul Makes Third Try For Naval Helicopter Bids  1
A low budget and Leonardo’s entrenched position have discouraged rivals from competing for South Korea’s MOH 2 naval helicopter requirement.
Wildcat Offered For Revived S. Korea Requirement 
Leonardo is again offering its AW159 Wildcat for a repeatedly stalled and relaunched South Korean requirement for 12 anti-submarine helicopters.
Looking To Lead Program, KAI Assesses Regional Airliner 
In 2008, Korea Aerospace Industries studied a T-tail 60-seat regional jet. It is looking at the same size again, but not necessarily a jet.
Indonesia Resumes Paying For KF-X Development 
Indonesia has resumed paying for development of the KF-X, according to manufacturer Korean Aerospace Industries.
KAI Adds Year To LCH-LAH Program 
Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) has added a year to the LCH-LAH civil and military helicopter development program.
KAI Adds Year To LCH-LAH Program 
Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) has added a year to the LCH-LAH civil and military helicopter development program.
South Korean Defense Budget Rises Despite Thaw With North 
Spending for 2019 is scheduled to rise 8.2%. Within that, the equipment, research and development budget will advance 13.7%.
South Korean 2019 Defense Budget Up 8.2% [CORRECTED] 
South Korea’s parliament has OK'd an 8.2% rise in the 2019 defense budget to 46.671 trillion won ($41.35 billion), despite improved relations with North Korea.
South Korea’s New Radars To Cover Against SLBMs  1
A planned South Korean order for two Elta ELM-2080 Green Pine Block C radars will reportedly give the country coverage against prospective North Korean SLBMs.
South Korea Receives First A330 MRTT 
South Korea is likely to require further Airbus A330 MRTT tankers following the completion of delivery of the first four aircraft next year.

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