Craig Caffrey

Senior Aerospace Industry Analyst, Forecast & MRO

London, UK


Craig works as a senior analyst on Aviation Week Network’s military and commercial forecast databases, specializing in military aircraft markets and global defense spending trends. Prior to joining Aviation Week he spent 12 years at Jane’s working as an analyst and consultant on global aerospace and defense markets.


Aviation Week Forecasts: Indian Navy Modernization Drives Military Helo Market

By Craig Caffrey May 27, 2021
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Which Military Training Aircraft Will Dominate The Future?

By Craig Caffrey May 10, 2021
Though four trainers are emerging as leaders, competition in this segment is fierce.
Multi-Mission Aircraft

The Weekly Debrief: Chinese Defense Budget To Grow By 6.8%

By Craig Caffrey Mar 08, 2021
The Chinese defense budget is officially projected to increase by 6.8%, going from CNY1,268 billion ($195 billion) to CNY1,355 billion ($209 billion), China announced on the sidelines of a meeting of the National People’s Congress.
Budget, Policy & Operations