Craig Caffrey

Senior Aerospace Industry Analyst, Forecast & MRO

London, UK


Craig works as a senior analyst on Aviation Week Network’s military and commercial forecast databases, specializing in military aircraft markets and global defense spending trends. Prior to joining Aviation Week he spent 12 years at Jane’s working as an analyst and consultant on global aerospace and defense markets.


Upgrades On Track As Defense Debate Heats Up

By Steve Trimble Dec 17, 2021
A promising calendar of scheduled fleet upgrades faces COVID, geopolitical challenges.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Saudi Defense Budget To Drop 10.2% in 2022

By Craig Caffrey Dec 15, 2021
The military’s budget is in the midst of an unprecedented period of decline and continues to fall as a proportion of overall spending, as Saudi Arabia focuses on economic diversification and bolstering depleted reserve funds.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Aviation Week Forecasts: Indian Navy Modernization Drives Military Helo Market

By Craig Caffrey May 27, 2021
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