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Central & South America Conundrum For Crossover Jet Prospects

By Bernie Baldwin Jul 30, 2021
Along with Africa, aviation in Central and South America is arguably one of the lesser developed air transport markets in the world. There is…
Crossover Narrowbody Jets

Crossover jets offering more for lessors

By Bernie Baldwin Jul 14, 2021
When it comes to crossover narrowbody jets, the number of lessors which have ordered from either the Embraer E-Jets E2 family or the Airbus A220 pairing is considerably fewer than those with Airbus A320neos or Boeing 737 MAXs in their portfolios.
Crossover Narrowbody Jets

Avionics Deliver Hidden Benefits For Crossover Jets

By Bernie Baldwin Jun 29, 2021
It’s a strange human trait that when faced with something rather complex, terms such as ‘mysterious’ and ‘dark’ are applied to them.
Crossover Narrowbody Jets