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Bernie Baldwin

Support Networks Vital For Success
It has been a trend for some years now that the OEMs have been increasing their presence in the aftermarket. In fact, the engine manufacturers have been among the leaders in this movement. And one of the key reasons was precisely to provide service centers closer to their customers.
More than the sum of the parts
When an airline decides to either switch or extend its aircraft fleet, it needs to ensure that it has the right amount of stock in place to support however many aircraft it is taking on.
Engine Parts Pooling Provides Power With Prudence
There are hundreds of thousands of parts in an aircraft and it’s arguable that the highest concentration of those can be found in the whole powerplant system. Ensuring that every part is airworthy is vital, so keeping spares at hand is necessary at all times.
Suite Support For The Fuller Engine Life
For everyone who says, “small is beautiful”, there are those who prefer to say “the bigger, the better”. When it comes to aero engines, both have their supporters but surely no-one could think that an engine whose diameter is greater than the diameter of a Boeing 737 is anything less than impressive.
Not ‘If’, But ‘When’, For Crossover Narrowbody Jets in North America
With new scope negotiations due between now and 2022, OEMs are hopeful enough changes will enable their new crossover narrowbody jets to penetrate the North American market.
Promoting A Healthy Lifecycle For Engines
Engine manufacturers know that every cycle produced by their engines has value for themselves and the operators.
Europe A Happy Place For Crossover Narrowbody Jets 2
The big question for OEMs now is how much further new crossover narrowbody jets can penetrate the European market compared with previous generations of aircraft.
OEMs Say Mature Northeast Asia Market Primed For Crossover Jets
Crossover narrowbody jet manufacturers eye Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and parts of northeast Asia as a key sales battlegrounds.
Crossover Jets Can Create More Market Access For LCCs
Low-cost carriers stand to gain more market access by adding crossover jets to their fleets.
OEMs Expect CIS Countries To Be Ideal Crossover Jet Markets
Manufacturers are confident that the market will prevail, despite political issues that may affect sales in Russia.
Flight Attendant Feedback Delivers Crossover-Jet Design Efficiencies 1
Designers of the new generation of crossover narrowbody jets have taken into account the cabin crew.
Profitability Is Aim Of Crossover Jets’ Better Maintainability
Crossover narrowbodies—whose capacity falls between regionals and single-aisles—are almost all clean-sheet designs and have maintainability “designed in.”
China’s Hinterland Key For Crossover Jets 2
The vast amount of China’s intermediate-size cities could bode well for a surge in narrowbody aircraft to serve those destinations.
Crossover Jets Will Keep Passengers Well-Connected 1
Inflight entertainment/connectivity went from “nice to have” to “must have” for passengers. New-gen crossover narrowbody jets are being designed to accommodate.
Crossover Jets Set To Prosper In ‘Changing’ Africa
Africa represents less than 10% of the world’s available seat miles, but that is about to change, and manufacturers of crossover narrowbody jets are taking note.

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