Sash Tusa

Aerospace and defense analyst, Agency Partners


Aerospace and defense analyst Sash Tusa is a partner at Agency Partners. He is based in London.


Podcast: The Future Of Air Assault

By Jen DiMascio May 13, 2022
The war in Ukraine is revealing the vulnerability of attack helicopters to man-portable air-defense systems. Defense analyst Sash Tusa joins Aviation Week editors to discuss options that the U.S. Army will consider at its EDGE 22 exercise, how manufacturers could protect future rotorcraft and whether those ideas make sense.
Defense and Space

Opinion: The End Of Air Assault?

By Sash Tusa May 10, 2022
The war in Ukraine shows that the battlefield has become a harsh environment for helicopters and sweeping airborne maneuvers.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Podcast: Is Airbus Unstoppable?

Feb 11, 2022
Boeing will have to pay a big price if it wants to bring the duopoly back to parity—and suppliers should be worried if it doesn’t.
Air Transport