Sash Tusa

Aerospace and defense analyst, Agency Partners


Aerospace and defense analyst Sash Tusa is a partner at Agency Partners. He is based in London.


Opinion: Why Boeing’s Troubles In China Run Deep

By Sash Tusa Feb 03, 2023
Aircraft deliveries to China have collapsed, and big hurdles stand in the way of a sharp rebound.
Air Transport

Opinion: Will Capital Or CO2 Launch The Next Aeroengines?

By Sash Tusa Nov 16, 2022
Two catalysts could push commercial engine-makers and airframers to speed up their development cycles.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Opinion: Who’s Winning the European Fighter Market?

By Sash Tusa Aug 03, 2022
The F-35 and Typhoon are soaring, while development of Franco-German FCAS and sales of the Swedish Gripen lag.
Aircraft & Propulsion