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Interactive Map: Russian Naval Aviation Bases

By Piotr Butowski Nov 24, 2021
The Russian Navy comprises four fleets operating in the Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific oceans as well as the Baltic, Black and Caspian seas.
Budget, Policy & Operations

UAC Seeks To Accelerate Production Of Checkmate

By Piotr Butowski Nov 17, 2021
During the first foreign demonstration of the new Russian Sukhoi LTS Checkmate fighter at the Dubai Airshow, a program official confirmed that the Light Tactical Aircraft presented is a nonflying demonstrator intended for on-ground synchronization of construction components and equipment.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Sukhoi’s Checkmate Looks To Carve Out Niche In International Fighter Market 

By Piotr Butowski Nov 14, 2021
After making its move with a next-generation light fighter designed for export, Russia believes it will be able to scoop up orders from a wide range of countries.  
Dubai Airshow