Attend GE’s T&M Engine Maintenance Symposium At Africa Innovation Centre

<p>GE Aviation once again will be hosting a<strong>&nbsp;TrueChoice Overhaul</strong>&nbsp;<strong>Time &amp; Material</strong>&nbsp;<strong>(T&amp;M) Engine Services Customer Symposium.&nbsp;</strong><a href="">View video</a> for further details.&nbsp;This year&rsquo;s event is on&nbsp;<strong>Thursday, March 16 </strong>at the&nbsp;<a href="">GE Africa Innovation Centre</a>&nbsp;in Johannesburg, South Africa.<br />
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The symposium &ndash; offered to operators of GE and CFM engines &ndash; is recommended for technical directors, chief engineers, fleet planners and powerplant managers.</p>

<p>GE leaders will provide an overview of&nbsp;<a href="">TrueChoice<sup…; Overhaul</a>&nbsp;(T&amp;M) engine services, along with:&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

<li>Cost and risk reduction strategies&nbsp;</li>
<li>Shop visit planning&nbsp;</li>
<li>Remote diagnostics&nbsp;</li>
<li>Custom and optimized workscoping&nbsp;</li>
<li>Residual engine value strategies&nbsp;</li>
<li>Technical support</li>
<li>Lease engine support</li>
<li>Contracting options&nbsp;and more</li>

<p>&quot;Most importantly, it provides a face-to-face opportunity to listen to operators&rsquo; challenges and&nbsp;provide the right approach to meet specific airline&nbsp;needs,&quot; says Todd Caccamo, Sr. Marketing Director of GE TrueChoice Overhaul.</p>

<p>Representatives from GE Aviation&rsquo;s headquarters in Cincinnati, GE overhaul shops, and Africa/regional directors will be present.<br />
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For more information, email&nbsp;<a href="mailto:[email protected]"><strong>Todd Caccamo</strong></a>.</p>