Narrowbodies Versus Widebodies: Which Is More Popular? | 窄体机与宽体机:哪类飞机更受欢迎?

在目前和可预见的将来,客机的产能都将大量过剩。 随着航空公司的航班时刻表大幅减少,某些飞机被证明比其他飞机更受欢迎。而即使在新冠病毒疫情消退并需求恢复后,这种趋势仍可能继续。

A large overcapacity is in place now and for the foreseeable future. With airlines operating their much-reduced schedules, some aircraft types are proving to be more popular than others, a trend that is likely to continue even after the novel coronavirus pandemic subsides and demand recovers.

大多数行业观察家都认为,当民航业复苏时,较小的宽体机和航程较远的窄体机将受益最大,这是因为这些飞机的飞行成本风险最小,并且在单位成本方面也具有竞争力。 但是,国际旅行限制使货运能力显得尤为重要,即使货运需求持续很短暂,也仍然给某些宽体机带来了一定的优势。

Most industry observers agree that smaller widebodies and long-haul capable narrowbodies are going to benefit the fastest when commercial aviation recovers. These aircraft offer the least amount of risk in terms of trip costs and are also competitive in terms of unit costs. However, international travel restrictions have put a premium on cargo capacity, giving some widebodies an advantage, even if it is short-lasting. 



While there are no real winners in the COVID-19 downturn, some aircraft types are expected to benefit in relative term.