Possible Photo Of Highly Secret RQ-180 Aircraft Surfaces Online | 秘密の無人機・RQ-180と思われる写真がネットに登場

一般的にRQ-180無人航空機システム(Unmanned Aircraft System:UAS)として知られている機体とされる写真がネット上で公開され、その機体形状はAviation Week NetworkのAerospace DAILYの認識ともほぼ一致している。

Aerospace DAILYは、この機体の写真は2~3週間前にカリフォルニア州エドワーズ空軍基地周辺の軍用空域で撮影されたものだと考えている。


この写真は、米空軍がRQ-180高高度無人偵察機部隊の運用を開始したとAerospace DAILYが報じてから1年以上が経過した後に登場した。





以上は、Steve TrimbleとGuy Norrisが Aerospace Daily & Defense Report いた記事です。Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN) のメンバーシップにご登録いただくと、開発プログラムやフリートの情報、会社や連絡先データベースへのアクセスが可能になり、新たなビジネスの発見やマーケット動向を把握することができます。貴社向けにカスタマイズされた製品デモをリクエスト。 

A picture has surfaced showing a new aircraft generally matching Aerospace DAILY’s understanding of the shape of what is commonly known as the RQ-180 unmanned aircraft system (UAS).

Aerospace DAILY understands the picture of the UAS was taken two to three weeks ago inside the Military Operating Area around Edwards AFB, California. 

The picture was taken in daylight hours, and the unknown aircraft was flying above California City in a racetrack pattern at an estimated altitude of 20,000 ft. 

The picture surfaces slightly more than a year after Aerospace DAILY reported that the U.S. Air Force had made the fleet of RQ-180 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft operational. 

The configuration appears to share many of the supposed features of the RQ-180, namely a large-span flying wing with a simple trailing edge and—judging by the contrail—embedded, closely paired twin turbofan engines. 

The high-aspect-ratio wing also appears greater in span than other known large unmanned aircraft and has a relatively low sweep angle.

The unusual light color of the vehicle also is believed to be a link to the RQ-180. A local nickname around Edwards AFB for the RQ-180 is the “Great White Bat”—or sometimes “Shikaka”—a fictional sacred white bat from the 1995 movie Ace Venture 2. 

The “white bat” symbol also has appeared as the badge for the 74th Reconnaissance Squadron. The unit is thought to have become a training squadron for the RQ-180. It is understood to have been established earlier this year, following the 2018 activation of Detachment 5 of the 9th Operations Group at Beale AFB, California.