Inside Russia’s R-77

By Piotr Butowski Dec 05, 2019
A recent trip by Moscow’s Mayor Sergey Sobyanin to GosMKB Vympel—a visit that marked the state-owned company’s 70th anniversary—served as a prime opportunity to open the doors of its facility and display a number of interesting missiles, including the R-77 (AA-12 Archer), which it manufactures on site.
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Boeing 737NG Fan Cowl Redesign Recommended by NTSB

Bill Carey Nov 28, 2019
Airlines would have to retrofit thousands of in-service Boeing 737NG narrowbodies with redesigned engine cowls if the FAA enforces an NTSB recommendation stemming from an engine failure on Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 in April 2018.
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Japan Aiming To Widen Aircraft-Making Capabilities

Bradley Perrett Nov 19, 2019
The Japanese government is promoting technological cooperation between local industry and Boeing in aircraft electrification and high-rate composites manufacturing, aiming at expanding the country’s traditionally limited roles in aircraft manufacturing.
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Mitsubishi Factory Investment Due To Demand For PW1100G-JM Engine

Bradley Perrett Nov 12, 2019
Rising demand for the Pratt & Whitney PW1100G-JM is the key reason for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) setting up an advanced factory at Nagasaki to exclusively build the combustor for the engine, which is used on the Airbus A320neo family.
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Software Upgrades In Works For NH90

Tony Osborne Oct 29, 2019
A series of software-based upgrades is planned for the international fleet of NH90 land-based and naval helicopters.
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KAI Begins Building KF-X Prototype For 2022 Flight

By Bradley Perrett Oct 25, 2019
The KF-X has cleared its critical design review. A radar technology demonstrator has flown.
Aircraft & Propulsion

MHI Assembles H3 Second Stage, Ready For Captive Testing

By Bradley Perrett Oct 24, 2019
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has assembled the second stage of the first H3 medium-lift space launcher.
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Philippines Multi-Role Fighter To Be Decided in December

Marhalim Abas Oct 22, 2019
The Philippines defense department will decide in December on the type of multi-role fighter (MRF) aircraft to be purchased by the air force, its chief says.
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U.S. OKs Possible AIM-120D Sale To South Korea

By Bradley Perrett Oct 18, 2019
The U.S. has approved a possible sale to South Korea of AIM-120D Amraams, foreshadowing introduction into Asia of the latest standard of the Raytheon air-to-air missile.
Defense and Space

Chinese DF-100 Missile Looks Highly Supersonic

By Bradley Perrett Oct 18, 2019
A cruise missile featured in China’s Oct. 1 National Day parade appears to be designed for high-supersonic flight.
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Lockheed Martin Expects South Korean PAC-3 MSE Order

By Bradley Perrett Oct 17, 2019
Lockheed Martin expects South Korea to order another batch of PAC-3 MSE surface-to-air missiles within two years, adding to 64 that the country decided to buy in 2018.
Defense and Space

KHI Aiming To Develop P-1 EW Version

Bradley Perrett Oct 15, 2019
Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) is aiming to develop an electronic warfare version of the P-1 maritime patroller.
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Avic Points To Adaptability Of New Z-20 Helicopter

By Bradley Perrett Oct 11, 2019
Avic is emphasizing the adaptability of the Z-20 utility military helicopter, as the Chinese army presents the type for close inspection for the first time.
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Improbable Doughnut Helicopter Mockup At Chinese Show

By Bradley Perrett Oct 10, 2019
A crude plastic mockup of an improbable doughnut-shaped military helicopter was displayed at the China Helicopter Expo, held here Oct. 10-14.
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Avic AHL Heavy Helicopter Close To Launch Decision

By Bradley Perrett Oct 10, 2019
Avic’s project to produce the Advanced Heavy Lifter (AHL) helicopter should soon be ready to present to the state group’s head office for launch approval, an industry source said.
Defense and Space

Taiwan Working On Fighter Engines

By Bradley Perrett Oct 08, 2019
Technology acquisition for a future Taiwanese fighter is at a very preliminary stage. Propulsion and electronic systems are seen as main areas of difficulty.
Defense and Space

Taiwanese Jet Trainer Due To Fly In June 2020

Bradley Perrett Oct 08, 2019
Taiwan’s air force should be a little less anxious. Needing to replace worn out jet trainers as soon as possible, the service is seeing Aerospace Industrial Development Corp. (AIDC) execute the replacement program approximately on schedule.
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Chinese National Day Parade Features Hypersonic Glider And Rocket Drone

By Bradley Perrett Oct 03, 2019
The DF-17 has much the same configuration as the DARPA Falcon HTV-2. Its gliding vehicle should extend range and challenge defenses with maneuvers.
Defense and Space

Safran Pours Focus Into Asia With NacelleLife Deals

Chen Chuanren Sep 27, 2019
France’s Safran Nacelles is planning to increase its nacelle footprint in Asia-Pacific, stationing field representatives in the region and eventually opening a nacelle shop in the region.
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Bell Eyeing Five Asia-Pacific Attack Helo Competitions

Bradley Perrett Sep 24, 2019
The large number of Asia-Pacific prospects, plus others elsewhere, raises the likelihood that one contract or another will come up before Bell finishes making long-lead parts for AH-1Zs under current contracts, probably around 2021.
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Japan Ministry Proposed ‘Launch’ Of Future Fighter Development

Bradley Perrett Sep 10, 2019
The Japanese defense ministry has proposed to launch Future Fighter development in the fiscal year beginning in April 2020, and said it should proceed even if a hoped-for international partnership cannot be arranged.
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Leonardo's W-3 Helicopter Upgrade Proposed

Tony Osborne Sep 10, 2019
Leonardo has lifted the lid on a comprehensive concept upgrade for Poland’s multirole W-3 Sokol helicopters.
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Indonesian Police Sign LOI For 11 Leonardo Helicopters

Marhalim Abas Sep 02, 2019
The Indonesian police force reportedly has signed a letter of intent for the purchase of 11 twin-engine, medium-size Leonardo helicopters—nine AW169s and two AW189s. Scheduling delivery of the aircraft batches next year, the deal was initially agreed to in December 2018, Indonesian police air unit director Anang Syarif Hidayat told Airspace Review, an Indonesian industry news service. If the deal goes through, the air unit will be the first Indonesian government agency to operate both the AW169 and AW189.
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Japan's In-Service Fighters

Bradley Perrett Aug 28, 2019
Planning an enlarged acquisition of Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightnings, the Japanese defense ministry hopes local industry can gain a larger share of manufacturing in the program, though not with government investment.
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Royal Malaysian Air Force Tests New Bombs With Flankers

Original Text by Marhalim Abas Aug 16, 2019
The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) introduced two types of Russian general-purpose bombs into service.
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