Poll: When do you expect air passenger traffic will return to a healthy level?

IATA has revised downwards its 2020 economic forecast for the global airline industry.  

IATA believes the recession effects alone will lead to an 8% drop in air travel in the third quarter, twice as much as during the worst phase of the global financial crisis 12 years ago. On top of that, the travel restrictions fall-out must be added, making the impact much worse. Pearce anticipates that domestic air travel will begin to recover first in the third quarter, followed by international flights in the fourth quarter. He believes that there is “pent-up demand for air travel” but it is unclear whether that can be met if restrictions remain in place.

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As an airline employee, I definitely hope for the Q4 recovery, but I voted for the 2022 time frame because pragmatically there are too many moving parts to make an accurate short term recovery prediction