Poll: Is An Eco-Tax On Domestic Flights A Good Way To Reduce The Aviation Sector's Carbon Footprint? 

In July last year, France announced plans to introduce an “eco-tax” on flights departing from French airports from 2020, sparking criticism from Air France and the French airport industry.

The move comes at a time when aviation’s contribution to climate change is in the spotlight across Europe.

Transport minister Borne said the tax would be calculated progressively, starting at a €1.50 ($1.68) contribution per flight on an internal or intra-European service and rising to as much as €18 on a business class seat to a non-EU destination.

However, is an eco-tax on domestic flights a good way to reduce the aviation sector's carbon footprint? Vote below to have your say. 

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If we are to tax carbon emissions, we should do so across the board, regardless of industry or market. The environment is insensitive to the source.