Poll: Are you willing to engage in social distancing on a long-term basis at airports, post-pandemic?

Pittsburgh Airport CEO Christina Cassotis said financial aid included in the latest U.S. federal stimulus package will offset roughly half the revenue destroyed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Passenger volumes at Pittsburgh Airport have fallen by 95% in recent days compared to the year-earlier period, as carriers continue to scale back capacity amid the worsening public health crisis.

Cassotis said she expects to see “real structural change” in passengers’ travel habits and expectations when demand eventually returns, which she said would likely influence design decisions made when work resumes on the airport’s paused terminal modernization project.

“Think of 9/11: no one prior had prepared for TSA checkpoints at their airports. What will this new terminal look like if we’re going to see social distancing become a more widespread practice?” Cassotis said. “We’re undergoing structural change in our society. How will that filter down and translate to the travel space?”

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