Webinar: Fireside Chat with IATA's Medical Advisor Dr. David Powell

This webinar took place August 20, 2020

Airlines are faced with the task of educating passengers that it is safe to fly and that the measures they are taking ensure virus transmission risk is minimized throughout the air travel journey. Airlines are following ICAO guidelines, using hospital-quality HEPA filters in cabins, conducting extra anti-bacterial cleanings between flights and altering their in-flight offerings. Through a medical and scientific perspective, Dr. David Powell, IATA’s Chief Medical Officer, will explain why it is safe for passengers and crews to fly in a virus pandemic and provide evidence that supports why the transmission numbers aboard planes are so low.

Dr. Powell joined IATA in his current role in 2018, though he has been providing expert medical advice to the aviation industry for over a decade. He is a former Medical Officer in the Royal New Zealand Air Force with previous airline posts, including Chief Medical Officer at Air New Zealand and Group Medical Officer at Virgin Australia.

Join Aviation Week Network as Dr. Powell highlights the current health precautions being taken by the entire industry to ensure pilots, flight attendants and passengers stay healthy and feel safe flying again.



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