Webinar: Air Transport & COVID-19: Hygiene Safety Standards Post-Pandemic

This webinar took place May 7, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing how we travel, prompting conversation of what measures are necessary as restrictions lift and more people begin to fly. In this interactive webinar, hosted by ATW Editor-in-Chief Karen Walker, we will discuss potential new standards and processes that might be implemented at airports, on aircraft and through the entire passenger journey.

We will look at what levels of collaboration and coordination are occurring across airlines, airports, government bodies and other organizations to create a set of global common standards.

  • Will distancing require significant re-shaping of airport spaces?
  • Will airlines need to reconfigure cabins?
  • How will security and immigration processes be handled?
  • Will non-touch technologies, such as bio-metrics and eye scanning, be fast-tracked?



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