Poll: Will new Boeing president and CEO Dave Calhoun succeed at turning around the company?

David Calhoun, the new CEO of Boeing, took the helm Jan. 13, but the question already on the minds of many industry movers and shakers is: Who will be the next chief executive of the world’s largest publicly traded aerospace and defense company?

Calhoun, 62, has taken over the corner office in Chicago after he informed former President and CEO Dennis Muilenburg that the Boeing board of directors had lost confidence in its one-time leader. Muilenburg, who was stripped of his role as chairman of the board in October, resigned as CEO and president on Dec. 23, 2019. The reason in one word: MAX.

Calhoun is expected to say more on Jan. 29 when Boeing hosts its teleconference about 2019’s fourth-quarter financial results. There will be a lot to cover, including open-ended 737 production halts at Boeing and aerostructures provider Spirit AeroSystems that started this month, as well as charges on Boeing’s earnings due to airline customer compensation and other MAX costs.

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Yes because they are all crooks.....birds of a feather!!!!!
Calhoun has been there all along. He is at least as much a part of the problem as Muilenburg was.
Until the entire Board of Directors is replaced and the headquarters is moved back to Seattle, nothing will fundamentally change.
If he doesn’t the next guy will. There’s no where to go but up.
In his first statement to the employees of Boeing Mr. Calhoun said, "we will meet and exceed our shareholders expectations...". He was on the board, his only degree is in finance, he worked at GE for Jack Welch. Same old stuff.
No, He doesn't understand enough of business.
I echo Mike. Throw out the board and go back to Seattle.
Until Boeing refocus their energy and engineering talent back onto the business of designing and building aeroplanes, and stop chasing every available cent they can find to give to shareholders or use for share buybacks the future seems bleak.