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Quarantine rules should be based on science and not be politicized, the head of IATA said Tuesday, as he warned that such rules pose a “major obstacle” to the resumption of air travel.

The UK government is imposing a quarantine rule for people entering the country from June 8, mandating self-isolation for 14 days as part of its efforts to contain the COVID-19 virus.

The UK’s quarantine rule has been criticized by trade organization Airlines UK. In an open letter to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, signed by the CEOs of easyJet, Virgin Atlantic and several airport CEOs, Airlines UK said people will “simply choose not to travel to and from the UK at the same time as economies in Europe and around the world begin opening up their borders.”

The CEOs go on to say that “grounding airlines indefinitely will further exacerbate an already devastating economic impact on UK aviation.

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