Listen Now: January’s Top Podcasts From Across The Aviation Week Network

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Here are the most popular podcasts from January:

What Does Aircraft Decompression Feel Like? A Pilot's Experience

Pilot Pat Veillette explains what happens when aircraft decompression occurs—speaking from his own experience of decompression when co-piloting a Hawker.

Listen to the podcast on what aircraft decompression feels like here. 

Will MRO See Even More Growth in 2024?

Aviation Week editors James Pozzi, Lee Ann Shay, Lindsay Bjerregaard and Sean Broderick discuss the outlook for the commercial aftermarket. 

Listen to the podcast on whether MRO will see even more growth in 2024 here.

How Has The Latest MAX Incident Affected Airlines?

Listen in as editors analyze how the Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9 door plug incident has affected airlines globally—and what this means for Boeing.

Listen to the podcast on how the latest MAX incident affected airlines here.

At Supplier Conference, Boeing Is All The Buzz

Joe Anselmo sits down with experts to discuss aerospace suppliers and investors—and what the new MAX woes could mean for their businesses.

Listen to the podcast about Boeing being all the buzz at the supplier conference.

Boeing’s MAX 9 Fiasco

As bad as it is for Boeing, it could have been a lot worse. Listen in as our editors discuss the Alaska Airlines midair blowout.

Listen to the podcast on Boeing's MAX 9 fiasco here. 

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