February 2022 Aircraft Deliveries Lower Than Pre-Pandemic Levels’ Ever Were

The global pandemic and lack of passenger demand impacted the volume of commercial new aircraft deliveries over the past two years. While February’s deliveries in 2022 were 29% higher than February 2021, those values are still 6% lower for February 2020 and 29% lower than February 2019 figures when 100 aircraft were delivered. 


Most aircraft manufacturers are planning to increase production and delivery over the next few years. For instance, regional airframer ATR is looking to ramp up production to deliver over 50 aircraft in 2024, but for the coming 12 months the company is simply aiming to exceed the 31 aircraft it delivered in 2021.

Boeing is eyeing about 500 737 MAX deliveries in 2022, much of which is stored inventory from the grounding. They anticipate clearing most of the stored inventory by the end of 2023 along with delivering new builds coming off the production line. Airbus plans to increase commercial aircraft production by around 20% this year, betting on a sustained recovery in air travel and demand for its new aircraft. 

The pandemic may not be over, but the aviation industry is swinging back with long term goals that differ from the previous year’s targets.