Operational Support For Commercial Airlines

Providing support every step of the way for your Intelsat-equipped fleet and your passengers. We offer end-to-end support for your onboard experience operations, crews, and passengers to ensure the smoothest and most reliable performance possible.

  • Intelsat provides in-service maintenance support for both linefit and retrofit tails. For retrofit tails, we also provide prototype and production installation support.
  • For your crews or third-party partners, we work with you to ensure your teams are able to provide a reliable, quality experience for passengers.
  • To support your passengers, Intelsat provides comprehensive Customer Care with multi-channel support around the clock – 24/7/365.

Meeting the high expectations of passengers and delivering more business to your airline begins by exploring Intelsat’s unifying network of tomorrow. Only Intelsat delivers the size, scale and advanced technology to drive this global unification. It’s a leap forward in flexibility, scalability, and world-class passenger experience.

See how Intelsat can help you shape the future of connected air travel.