Puerto Rico Breaking Traffic Records

Puerto Rico is setting new records in passenger numbers after exceeding its pre-pandemic levels of connectivity and capacity.

The island has experienced “double-digit growth in arrivals versus 2019” after establishing itself as a “safe destination” by attaining the WTTC Safe Travels stamp during the pandemic.

Puerto Rico Tourism Company executive director Carlos Mercado said: “Puerto Rico not only has been able to match the 2019 pre-pandemic capacity, but the island has been able to expand its network connecting with new destinations and grow the seat capacity.”

In the longer term, the island is focused on becoming a hub in the Caribbean, “expanding global connectivity and bolstering the already strong partnerships with the carriers.”

“We are looking to reconnect, engage and grow our partnerships,” Mercado said. “Our destination’s recovery and growth story bears testimony to the resilience and ability to bounce back when faced with adversity.”

Photo credit: Elí Samuel Sánchez Rosa/Pixabay

Wesley Charnock

Wesley Charnock is Content Marketing Director for Aviation Week Network.