Oman Targets Return To Double-Digit Growth

Oman Airports is targeting double-digit passenger growth as the market recovers following a period of “strict restrictions” on flying.

Although the organization is currently focused on restoring 2019 traffic levels due to Oman Air’s reduced flying program, the airport operator hopes to work with more carriers and accelerate growth.

Due to Oman’s “small market size” the current focus is on inbound and transfer traffic, the business told Routes.

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“For this we need to align strategies with the local carriers to enable them to capture more transfer traffic. The inbound traffic growth depends on how successful we are with foreign airlines,” the airport operator added.

“We need to be more aggressive on our biggest market, the Indian subcontinent, because there is still a lot of potential. In parallel we have to promote the country in Central Asia and Europe. There are too many unserved countries in Scandinavia, Central Eastern Europe and the ex-CIS countries.”

Oman Airports said that understanding airlines’ current strategies would be critical to growth as what we knew two to three years ago is obsolete.”

Photo credit: Oman Airports

Wesley Charnock

Wesley Charnock is Content Marketing Director for Aviation Week Network.