Lufthansa To Fly Airbus A380s On Select Routes In 2023


Lufthansa said it will bring Airbus A380 aircraft back to its network in the 2023 northern hemisphere summer.

The airline did not specify on which routes the aircraft will operate. “The company is currently assessing how many A380s will be reactivated and which destinations the Airbus will fly to,” the Star Alliance member said in a statement.

The carrier has 14 A380s parked in France and Spain–aircraft it deemed unnecessary during the COVID-19 pandemic. It said it has sold six of them, so eight A380s remain in the fleet, though it is unclear whether Lufthansa will put them all back in service. The German carrier said the eight aircraft are part of its fleet “for the time being,” indicating more could be sold.

In a letter to Lufthansa customers, the company’s executive board said “a much more reliable air transport system worldwide” expected by the 2023 summer will create a good environment to bring back A380s.

Lufthansa’s A380s are configured to carry 509 passengers.
Aaron Karp

Aaron Karp is a Contributing Editor to the Aviation Week Network.