Cartagena – Gateway to the Colombian Caribbean

Sociedad Aeroportuaria de la Costa S.A. (SACSA) and its partners Cartagena de Indias, ProExport Colombia and The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, Colombia will play host to this year’s Routes Americas event.

With more than 15 years experience in the administration of Rafael Núñez International Airport, SACSA, works responsibly to provide efficient airport services with excellent quality and high security levels, generating over 220 domestic flights each week, which allows connection to more than 700 international flights. In addition to this, the airport is the fourth largest in the country and is located just 10 minutes away from the Centro de Convenciones Julio Cesar Turbay Ayala y las Américas and 15 minutes from the hospitality zone.

By hosting this event, SACSA hopes to bring together tourism consultants and industry leaders from around the world and inform them about the opportunities and competitive advantages of Cartagena and its airport. This event provides the ideal platform to showcase this unique and enchanting destination and show delegates the progress of the city.

The event will take place in Cartagena de Indias, a large Caribbean beach resort city situated on the Northern coast of Colombia. It is the fifth largest city in Colombia, a centre of economic activity and a popular tourist destination as the main gateway to the Colombian Caribbean. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984 this stunning historic city has the ultimate combination of Spanish heritage and Caribbean flavour.

“La Heroica”, as it is known, is recognized for its old walls and forts and characterized for its colonial city architecture, beaches, surrounding islands and its people’s warm hospitality. It is thanks to all of this that Cartagena is currently one of the principal tourism destinations in Colombia and one of the most appealing in the world. To find out more about Cartagena de Indias, please click here.

Tour Programme

Cartagena de Indias is a stunning destination and we recommend all delegates make time to explore the city. In addition to the core business elements of Routes Americas our Host, SACSA and its partners, have kindly arranged a complimentary city tour for delegates attending Routes Americas.

This is an amazing opportunity to experience the uniquely magnificent city of Cartagena with local bilingual, qualified guides.

The tour will start with a visit to La Popa Monastery previously known as the “stern of a galleon”. This ancient Monastery located at the top of a hill and can be seen from any point in Cartagena and offers a privileged view of this incredible city. Built at the beginning of the XVII century and still inhabited by monks, it was used several times as a military fortress due to its strategic location. Delegates will also visit a chapel dedicated to virgin de La Candelaria, patron saint of Cartagena and a Colonial Museum.

The tour continues with a visit to San Felipe de Barajas Fortress, which is situated outside the walled city. This monumental fort is considered to be the most outstanding feature of Spanish military engineering in the New World. Its construction began in 1536 and took 121 years to complete.

In addition to the complimentary city tour Routes Americas are being given the opportunity to explore some of the surrounding areas of Cartagena for a small fee.

Rosario Island / San Pedro de Majagua Island

This is a unique opportunity to take a speed-boat ride through the bay of Cartagena to reach the beautiful Rosario Islands. You will be welcomed to a private island with a traditional lunch of coconut rice, fried fish, plantain, traditional dessert and soft drinks.

Inquisition Palace and San Pedro Claver Church Tour

This tour will take you on a walk through the old city’s romantic streets to visit the church of San Pedro Claver and the Inquisition Palace. Visit the Clauster of San Pedro Claver with its arches and beautiful church in honour to the protector of slaves San Pedro Claver. Then visit the Palace of Inquisition which is considered the most important example of eighteenth-century civil architecture in the city.

Click here for more details and information on how to book your place on one of these tours.

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