AeroMexico Resumes Toluca Operation from Feb 2013

AeroMexico from late-Feb 2013 resumes operation at Toluca, where it’ll offer 3 daily service each to Guadalajara and Monterrey, effective 25FEB13. Operational schedule:

Toluca – Guadalajara
AM2621 TLC0700 – 0810GDL E70 D
AM2623 TLC1815 – 1925GDL E90 D
AM2625 TLC2015 – 2125GDL E70 D

AM2620 GDL0715 – 0825TLC E90 D
AM2622 GDL1100 – 1210TLC E70 D
AM2624 GDL2150 – 2300TLC E90 7
AM2624 GDL2150 – 2300TLC E90 x7

AM last operated this route on 29MAY09

Toluca – Monterrey
AM2613 TLC0850 – 1015MTY E90 D
AM2615 TLC1245 – 1410MTY E90 57
AM2617 TLC1615 – 1740MTY E90 x57
AM2619 TLC2045 – 2210MTY E90 D

AM2612 MTY0655 – 0820TLC E90 D
AM2614 MTY1040 – 1205TLC E90 D
AM2616 MTY1525 – 1650TLC E90 57
AM2618 MTY1855 – 2020TLC E90 x57

AM last operated this route on 04JUN10